A Recipe for Brand Success

Allrecipes energizes cooks with confidence to accomplish all of their everyday cooking goals—no matter
what the size or scope. Here, millions of women discover and share food ideas and experiences through member-created and shared recipes, ratings, reviews, menus, blogs, photos, and profiles. By making Allrecipes their own, our members help shape an authentic, relevant and trusted community.

Allrecipes is unmatched in its scale with powerful purchase influencers. A global network of food communities serving 23 countries in 12 languages, with 18 websites and 16 mobile apps, Allrecipes is the largest, fastest-growing food site, the top online community for women, and a top 10 social site, behind Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin and Twitter.

Market Leaders

It’s not just our members who love us. Allrecipes has been recognized throughout the media trade for its award-winning tools and content. Additionally, global brands from across the consumer packaged goods, retail, services and entertainment industries find success integrating their brand messages within our community in a variety of differentiated online and offline brand solutions. Here are some of our big fans.

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