As one of the largest sites on the web with the highest concentration of women, Allrecipes is unmatched in our ability to connect your brand with family-focused women with rich, busy lives.

Our basic demographic profile:

demo-table_new-stats_July 13Source: comScore, July 2013

Women come to Allrecipes to connect, share experiences and to help complete everyday tasks. Among moderate Internet users, engagement levels on Allrecipes are nearly double what have been measured on the Internet at-large. Allrecipes’ users are deeply engaged:

Pie Charts Updated_July 13


Additionally, Allrecipes women are important brand influencers and advocates. They are TWICE as likely to seek/post product reviews online and 50% more likely to fan/follow a brand.

Allrecipes gives you a unique opportunity to reach powerful purchase influencers at various points of need. More than 90% of Allrecipes visitors are the primary purchase influencers for their households and more than half of them shop for groceries within 48 hours of a visit to Allrecipes. One hundred percent of Allrecipes visitors are responsible for food and beverage purchase decisions. The level of influence doesn’t stop at the grocery purchases.

Allrecipes visitors influence the purchase of the following consumer product and services categories:

Demographic Stats