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Allrecipes is an interactive advertising leader with 15 years experience creating thousands of multi-screen, multi-platform campaigns that help brands find success through highly integrated, social advertising programs for your brand to engage with our vocal and influential community of women.

Display Ads:
Allrecipes displays ads are available in all standard IAB sizes to meet all your media program needs.

  • Banners – 300×600, 160×600, 300×250, 468×60
  • Push-Down banners
  • Catfish banners

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In-Line Ads:

For brands interested in connecting with their target audience within the decision-making process, Allrecipes offers in-line ads that are seamlessly integrated into our search and recipe pages. Research has demonstrated in-line ads perform up to six times better than graphic display ads. Integrated in-line ads appearing on search results and recipe pages account for more than 80% of Allrecipes’ daily page views. Recipe pages also account for more than two-thirds of entry pages.

  • Search 655×95
  • Recipe 468×60

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Channel Targeting:

Channel Targeting media is a powerful way to get your message in front of a highly-targeted audience. Allrecipes content is organized into groups based on topic, audience or event. These sponsorships may be paired with sponsor’s banners appearing on the following page types—providing extensive reach with managed frequency among highly specialized audiences:

  • Recipe Hubs, View All, Top 20, Newest
  • Recipe Pages and Reviews
  • Article Pages
  • Advice Hubs

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Allrecipes is a leader in mobile innovation with award-winning apps that have been downloaded more than 12 million times providing a global reach unlike any others. Allrecipes’ apps reach consumers on iOs, Android, Windows Mobile, Google TV and Kindle Fire platforms.  More than half of Allrecipes community with smartphones and tablets are using their devices to assist with meal planning in store and at home.

  • iPhone and iPod Touch- Dinner
    Spinner & DinnerSpinner Pro, now with
    Grocery Scanner upgrade
  • iPad – Allrecipes Your Kitchen Inspiration,
    #1 Food & Recipe iPad App
  • Android- Dinner Spinner, #1 Food
    & Recipe Android App, now with Grocery
    Scanner upgrade

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OPA Ads:

These high impact, high share of voice ad units are available on the homepage and recipe hub pages. OPA ads deliver greater brand impact than standard banners making them ideal for deeper-funnel engagements, driving brand favorability and purchase intent.

  • 970×418 canvas auto – initiates on user’s first view
  • Visitors can re-initiate via 970×66 ‘pencil,’ leave-behind displayed on all subsequent pageviews

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Award-Winning Newsletters: newsletters are sent to millions of loyal community members who opt in to receive recipe ideas and cooking tips on topics of their choosing. Advertisers can sponsor these newsletters, as well as purchase and customize “Marketplace”, a forum for directly promoting their brand.

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Allrecipes is a major destination for online videos. Our Food Wishes brand is the #1 food channel on YouTube with more than 55 million video views. Allrecipes What’s Cooking, Gizmos and Gadgets, Food Wishes, Behind the Recipe, Firehouse Cooking and Mastered in 99 Seconds original series videos have all received TELLY awards in the past 24 months. More than 90% of Allrecipes pages include seamless integration of high targeted, relevant and actionable videos. Allrecipes videos can be viewed on Allrecipes, YouTube, Google TV and Roku.

  • Pre-roll
  • Customized videos
  • Sponsorship of Allrecipes award-winning produced video series

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Social Media:

Ranked among the top 10 largest U.S. social sites (including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest), Allrecipes is home to the web’s most vocal and viral consumers. Through custom programs and integrated content, we enable brands to be a part of conversations happening daily among millions of shoppers. Programs may be tailored to include extensions on Allrecipes Facebook, Twitter,, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr. Join the conversations already happening about and your brand!

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